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High School Internship FAQ

Q: Who is eligible to apply to the program? 

A: Only graduating seniors who are able to meet the minimum required hours will be considered.  If you are NOT currently a student in 12th grade, your application will not be considered. 

Q: If accepted, am I volunteering for the internship? 

A: School year interns are not paid and must arrange their time at PPPL with their school so that they receive credit.

Q: How will my references be contacted? Do they need to submit a paper copy of their letter of recommendation? 

A: The application form will ask for the names and contact information of two references. These reference will be automatically contacted via email and asked to submit a letter of reference on your behalf immediately after you save or submit your application. The email will include all information on how to electronically submit the letters of reference - no paper copy is needed. This email will come from dortiz@pppl.gov with the subject “Recommendation Request for the PPPL internship program” immediately after you save your application for the first time. Once you have saved your application, this and all ** fields cannot be altered.

*Do NOT have additional letters sent on your behalf. Only the two letters submitted electronically with your application will be considered.

Q: Can I submit an unofficial transcript with my application?

A: Yes, the transcript uploaded with your application may be an unofficial one.

Q: My school does not allow me to upload a transcript online. What should I do?

A: If your school does not allow you to upload a transcript online, please upload a place-holder document in the transcript field which states, “My school does not authorize the distribution of electronic transcripts. You will receive a copy of my official transcript via mail." You may have an official transcript sent to us at: 

Deedee Ortiz
Science Education Department
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
P.O. Box 451
Princeton, NJ 08543

and it will be added to your application file. Please note **Paper copies of transcripts, official or unofficial may NOT be faxed to us. They MUST be mailed.** 

Q: My references have changed since I first saved the application. Can I change my reference?

A: If you need to change your references, contact Deedee Ortiz at dortiz@pppl.gov with your name, application ID, and the name and email address of your new reference, as well as the name of the reference that this person will replace.

Q: My reference says that he/she has not received the email requesting a letter. Can it be resent?

A: Yes. If you need to have a request email resent, contact Deedee Ortiz at dortiz@pppl.gov with your name, application ID, and the name and email address of the reference who needs to have another email sent to them.

Q: When will the acceptances for the program be sent out?

A:  Internship offers are made on a rolling basis. Students should allow two weeks after their application is complete (student selects “final submit” and both letters of reference have been submitted) for a response. 

 If you would like to make any changes to your application once it is submitted, or have any further inquiries, please contact Deedee Ortiz at dortiz@pppl.gov. Do NOT submit a duplicate application. 

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