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Research & Review Seminars

RESEARCH & REVIEW SEMINARS- Fridays @10 am in T169, Theory Conference Room

The goals of these seminars are to prepare for upcoming review of 5 year research plan of the Theory Department, update the PPPL Theory Department on progress of individual research and future plans, and disseminate this information broadly throughout the department. 

Some presentaions are at the bottom of this page

 2015 Talks


Feburary 6, 2015- Stuart Hudson

Title: "From Chirikov's island overlap criterion, to cantori, and ghost-surfaces"

January 23, 2015- Peter Damiano

Title: Electron acceleration by Alfven waves in the magnetosphere

Jaunary 9, 2015- Stewart Zweben

Title: "Edge Turbulence in Tokamaks" 


2014 Talks 

Januray 31st- Igor Kaganoivich

Title:"Plasma-Surface Interactions".

February 7th- Nikolai Gorelenkov

Title:  "Predictive modeling in Energetic Particle Research".

February 14-Guoyong Fu

Title: "Studies of energetic particle-driven modes and energetic particle transport via kinetic-MHDhybrid simulation”.

February 28, 2014- Allen Boozer

Title: Halo Currents in NSTX”  

March 7, 2014-Stephane Ethier

Title: “The assessment of impact on PPPL codes of GPU-based computer architecture” 

March 21, 2014- C.S. Chang

Title:  Full-f Gyrokinetic XGC1: Present Status and Future Plans 

April 4, 2014- Greg Hammett

Title: Developing an Edge Gyrokinetic Code with Advanced Discontinuous Galerkin Algorithms” 

April 11, 2014- John Krommes

Title: “Progress in the Understanding of Zonal-Flow Physics” 

April 18, 2014- Stephen Jardin

Title: Extended MHD Studies with the M3D-C1 code

May 2, 2014- Will Fox

"High-energy-density physics and laboratory astrophysics experiments with laser-produced plasmas” 

June 20, 2014- Elena Belova

"Using the HYM code for numerical simulations of NSTX and FRC"

September 5, 2014- Fatima Ebrahimi

Title: Extended MHD Studies of Flow-Driven and Reconnecting Instabilities in Toroidal Plasmas

October 17, 2014- Sam Lazerson

Title:  Numerical optimization of tokamak and stellarator equilibrium 

November 14, 2014- David Gates

Title: "The Origin of Tokamak Density Limit Scalings" 

November 21, 2014- Yi-Min Huang

Title: "Plasma Instabilities in Large-Scale Magnetic Reconnection, Formation of Plasmoids and Supra-Arcade Downflows" 

December 19, 2014 Ilya Dodin

Title: " Variational Methods in Modeling Plasma Waves: Basic Physics and Applications


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